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About Discovery 4 you tours

Discovery 4 you tours is small family owned business. We offer private sightseeing tours and we also like to tailor made our tours to your interests and needs. As a small family business we set focus on our customers instead of just following the crowds. We adjust our tours, service and timing to include and arrange all kind of activities you want as example invitation to dinner & cooking lesson in local home.  We arrange private tours as Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon, South coast  of Iceland, airport pickup, museums, food and fun. We are looking forward to hear from you and learn more about how to serve you at our best. Take a closer look on our tours or just contact us and tell us what you want and we will be glad to help you planning and offer fixed price.

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Our tours

  • Our tours is about  you and your people only (1- 4 passengers).

  • All license and insurances, registered as VIP veichle by Icelandic Transport Authority.

  • We adjust and and tailor made tours and schedule within the day to your liking.

  • Tourist attractions: We show you "must see" attractions and we also like to take you away from the crowds, skip the lines, invite to dinner & cooking lesson.

  • We are service minded and please ask if you have questions or special needs.

  • Learn more about our tours Take closer look at our tours and contact if any questions. 

  • We take care about hygiene cars and comfort.

Contact us


Discovery 4 you

Bjarni Ó. Halldórsson,
GSM +354 686 9996
Gardabaer, Iceland

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